Monday, October 09, 2006

Because Enough is Enough

Forgive me fellow dieters for I have been a naughty girl - it has been far too long since I last posted, tracked, exercised or went to WW.

But, as the drink driving ad says "Because enough is enough" and I have to do something about turning this horrible upward trend around. I have had to go up two pants sizes and I just cannot continue in this vein. My 500g packet of liquorice and a packet of biscuits every second day are not conducive to any sort of maintenance programme ! I hate what I am doing to myself but I have not been able to do anything about it - whether it was because I didn't want to or I couldn't or I just didn't like myself enough to want to have to bother, I don't know - but what I do know is that it has to stop - right here and right now. That is not to say that I won't have cr*ppy days. I'm sure that I will have those along the way, just as I am sure that there will be days when I feel like I can take on the world and other days when I feel that the whole world has it in for me BUT I do want to change this around and I commit to doing the best that I can.

It has been far to long between walks - my chiro spoke sternly to me of the need for me to be walking. I don't think I have walked since I did the City 2 Surf. I am trying not to make a whole range of changes at once as I don't want to be over-whelmed by what I have to do and, as there are quite a few other things happening in my life at the moment, I don't want to make the challenge too hard so that I feel a failure when I don't make it.

I do feel like I need to be accountable to someone which is why I am going to start blogging again. I have found out how to blog via e-mail which will make it easier for me to post but it doesn't help me in terms of reading other blogs. I do try to read some on the weekend but our computer is really not playing the game and so I land up being very frustrated at the end of an hour on the computer hence I don't read as many or as often as I would like. I know that I am a lot more careful about what I do and what I eat when I know that I am going to come on here and confess to my wrong-doings !!!!! I have realised that just stopping the junk food isn't enough, I have to start counting points and getting that exercise happening. I may take it one step at a time - get the exercise happening and then re-introduce the point counting at a later stage. As you may recall, Al has to have a rather big operation on his leg - that is happening in a couple of weeks time so I don't want to set myself goals which I know I won't be able to keep in a few weeks time - for a few weeks duration. So if I can start with the walking, I will be happy.

A friend has offered to walk with me a few afternoons after work so as soon as her husband goes back to work, I will see what I can do to meet up with her. I know that if I have to meet someone to walk with, I am more inclined to go walking than if it is just by myself and for no reason other than I need to exercise. I like to have a purpose to my exercise and, unfortunately, getting fit and losing weight isn't really enough of a purpose to motivate me.

Take care and have a great week everyone !!

TFTD : A friend can tell you thing you don't want to tell yourself.

TIAGF : My friends who have cared about me enough to keep in contact while I have been out of contact - thank you all - your support is truly appreciated.


Blogger Emily said...

Hey Linda, its great to see you posting again, and so motivated to make changes before things get out of hand. Hope you're doing okay, we've missed you!

Take care,

5:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back honey, we HAVE missed you, now get that butt into gear and dust off your joggers.
Have a great week.

7:36 PM  
Blogger Kt said...

great to see you back and ready to get back into it. I know its hard to get back in to it but we all know you can do it! Welcome back! :)

7:37 PM  
Blogger M said...

A great friend once told me "If your recycling gets rejected one week - just repack it and put it out the next" LOL I figure that means shake it up and just keep putting it out there because eventually it will all just go... Hmmm I think I have mixed up my metaphores somewhere along the line - but you know what I mean. You would be the ONLY one though :D

Have a great week Linda, and we will keep each other accountable.

11:49 PM  
Anonymous Mary said...

YAY welcome back gorgeous and more so for selfish reasons. I can keep tabs on you better this way. Once you're walking again, you'll get back in your groove and it will get easier :-)

9:08 AM  

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