Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Oink, oink

That is how I feel – like little (?) Miss Piggy. Why is it that I am either 100% on track or totally off the rails – there is no in between. Well I guess there is an in between – I just don’t know how to find it. It is either all or nothing, feast or famine – uurrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!! This is so annoying.

I know it shouldn’t be this hard. I know what I need to do. I know where I want to be. But, I can’t seem to get my head into the right space to get there. I wake up every morning saying “Today is the day. I’m going to take my food to work. I’m going to eat the food I have taken in. I am going to be satisfied with that because it is enough food to keep me from being hungry.” But, I don’t. I take my food in and then I look at it and say “I don’t want to eat this – what else can I have ?” It is too easy to go and buy other things to eat – sometimes I eat my lunch and then buy something else anyway. Why ? Just because – no particular reason except that I like the taste of food. Will this be better at my new job ? Will there be less temptation there ? I hope so because this is getting out of hand (once again !! Bloody hell – you wouldn’t think it would always be this hard.)

I got a lift to work this morning again so I will be doing the walk home again tonight – I have my ipod, I have my sports bra and I have a bottle of Gatorade to keep me going until I get home. Unfortunately my legs don’t feel quite as fresh as they did on Monday night but that is not going to stop me from getting home – it may just mean that my time won’t be quite as good as Monday. But, for now, the aim is to get the kms under the belt without my times getting too far off each time.

And, it wouldn’t be origin day if I didn’t finish with
As usual, we will be watching the first half before work and then taping it and watching it when we get home at 1am. Here’s hoping that it is a good game – no matter who wins although obviously it would be better if we won !!!!

TFTD : On the road between the homes of friends, grass does not grow.

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Take care everyone and have a great day !


Blogger michelle said...

Great effort with the walking, you will be soooo ready for the run. Have to laugh about the bra because I often have that problem. We are so similar as I am also an all or nothing dieter, if only we could find that balance. BUT you are walking and that is a great change to your lifestyle so I am sure the food will follow soon.

2:55 PM  
Blogger linda said...

'All or mostly'. That's what a friend (life coach) always says. Doesn't sound negative that way. Well done on the walking. It's strange how they have the decider of the Rugby in Melbourne isn't it? Hope it's a good game for you.

3:36 PM  
Blogger Kt said...

good stuff with your walking :)
how about not taking any cash to work to avoid buying food.

6:35 PM  
Blogger Sandilee said...

Firstly and just want to get this over and down with.

CONGRATS for winning the State of Origin, from one very sad NSW. There its done, don't need to bring it up again, lol (only joshing).

Glad to hear you are where all organised for the walk home, hope it went well :)

7:25 AM  
Blogger M said...

Well done on the Maroons. And there must have been something in the air last night because I am having the same all or nothing problem at the moment. I don't think about it consciously but it just seems that one day is effortless and the other day is a battle to keep my hand out of the fridge..

You will work through this and the walking home will help offset it. Hope it went well :D

11:03 AM  
Blogger Jadey 0:-) said...

My solution when I get like this is to fill my car with petrol, freeze my cards and make sure I have no cash. Then I can't buy food with somethign I don;t have. BUT if I do actually need to buy something I can wait for my cards to thaw out. Then I have had to have a think about it in the meantime. Hopefully by the time it comes to fill the car again or pay a bill etc you have started yourself in a new habit.

1:42 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

Isn't it weird but I can't seem to "get back to basics" either so to speak and I think it's because we're within our goal weight range. We are looking good and may not neccesarily feel it but still, we not as big as we used to be. We don't have the same motivation. I keep trying to get down to 70kgs but I keep sabotaging myself. On the other hand, I have been 73kgs for over 6 months now. I keep eating Indian, burgers and chips.

The walking sounds good. I think I'll start walking home from work too this week because I just can't fit exercise in atm.

9:23 AM  

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