Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My arms .....

Another great day under the belt today ! I can't believe how committed I seem to be this time around with my weight loss - long may it continue !!!!
Last night I got home from work and walked to my pilates class. There were only 4 of us so we had a real good work out - my poor arms. I have very little strength in my arms and boy do I battle with any arm exercises - last night we did arm exercises with the thick elastic bands - I could hardly lift my arms when I got home.
I got home after pilates to find that Al had cooked some diet coke chicken for me and some curry chicken for himself and Kaitlin - how lucky am I ????? He really is very good about cooking things which are point friendly for me which is just fantastic as I know lots of husbands / partners who do their best to sabotage their partners weight loss. I know that quite often we sabotage our own weight loss but it is so much easier when you have the support of your family.
Nobody had phoned to see if we were available to work last night and then the phone went at 9.05pm asking where we were - well we weren't about to go into work then but we are getting a longer shift tonight so this won't be too long as I need to go and get changed before we leave.
I got home from work tonight and had a 40 minute workout on the gym - my arms are now really aching - am not sure how I am going to pack shelves tonight - hopefully I won't have to do too much high lifting and everything will be at the right height for my arms - I can always hope can't I ????? I can probably bet on having everything on a high shelf tonight just to put my arms through some more agony !! Will let you know tomorrow how I go.
I am trying to stick to the Wendie Plan which advocates eating the correct total number of points over the week but not necessarily the same number of points per day - am hoping that this will shift the kgs again as I seem to have hit a bit of a plateau over the past few months with the weight coming off and then going on again.
Well, had better be going as I still have a couple of chores to get done before leaving for our early shift. I just want to leave you with this thought :
If you were going to die soon and had only one phonce call you could make, who would you call and what would you say ? And, why are you waiting ?
Take care everyone, be good and have a great day !


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