Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Back on the coast

We are safe and sound back on the Gold Coast after having an absolutely fantastic weekend in Sydney ! Everything just fell into place so nicely - it was great.
We caught up with our friends from London, Melbourne, South Africa and Sydney so all in all a worth while trip.
Water wise I didn't do at all well drinking mainly Diet Pepsi the whole weekend. Food wise I didn't do all that badly - I make some really good choices - but I also made some really dreadful choices !!!
I was pleased that we only ate at meal times and didn't land up snacking all through the day. I think that this may be my saving grace. We bought dessert on Friday night and I got the new WW hot desserts which are kept in the freezer section - sticky date, chocolate and apple and cinnamon. They aren't as nice and rich as the ordinary ones but for 3 points compared to whatever the others are - probably 7 or 8 at a guess - they are worth it. Definitely something I will keep in the freezer with winter just around the corner.
We got home and had a chance to unpack and get three loads of washing done before we crashed on the bed and fell asleep after a really big weekend with not much sleep happening for us. Kaitlin is still a little grumpy after not having much sleep but I guess you get that sometimes with 12 year olds !!! If only we could get her to realise that just because she sleeps during the day, doesn't make her a baby - we only try to get her to sleep when she has had a late night or is going to have a late night because we know what she is like !!! If only someone would say to me on those days - have a nap, you'll feel so much better - I would be out like a light !!!!
I went to weigh last night and have lost another 0.4kg. I didn't land up staying for the talk as we were trying to eat dinner early so that Kaitlin could have an early night as she hadn't slept yesterday when Al and I were sleeping. Although this is 0.1 less than my weekly goal I was very happy given the weekend in Sydney - I didn't track from Friday and don't know if I would be able to go back to see how I had done now. So have put that behind me and am back on track with the Wendie Plan this week - tracking 100% again.
I think Al nearly fell over when I said that I had lost 0.4 and that I was happy with it - he is used to me moaning and groaning if it is anything under 1kg !!!! But now that I am being more realistic I think that I won't be as hard on myself with my results. Also, if I can stay on track with my eating and get the exercise thing happening again (last week was a bit of a disaster with all the running around we were doing) I can lose the extra 0.1 next week - here's hoping anyway !!
How come we can't lose the weight by our thoughts ?????? I am sure that I would be as thin as a rake if it would happen that way !! It shouldn't have to be this hard to achieve what we want. More importantly, is there someway we can change our metabolism so that we can just eat what we want without it turning to lard the minute it has passed our lips ????????
On that note I will be saying goodbye for today and leave you with this thought :
TFTD - Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.


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