Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Busy evening ahead

Another day started and stayed on track points and eating wise. Haven't done very well with the water - something I really battle with. Some days I get it right and other days it just doesn't happen.
After work I will be dashing home to change and then off to pilates. i started last week and really enjoyed the class. I found it to be much better than an aerobics class and it really worked my muscles. I found out all about muscles I didn't even know I had !! And, although I was sore, it was a good sore. I guess as long as you can feel the muscles the next day, it means that you are working them which is the whole point of exercising, isn't it ?????
After that we are all off to friends for dinner - am not sure what we will be having but I am hoping to have saved enough points to cover me. If there is dessert I will try to only have a very wee piece - I have a dreadful sweet tooth and desserts are my favourite.
Alan and I both have two jobs - our day jobs and we pack shelves at Coles at night - last night I had 2 1/2 hours of packing in the confectionery aisle - IT WAS ABSOLUTE MURDER - especially at that time of the night (10.30 to 1am !!) Well I got home and would have killed for a chocolate - was there any in the house ???? NO - except for Kaitlin's easter eggs which she is still hoarding in the fridge but I didn't have the heart to eat those. Soooooooooo - I was very proud of myself when I chose to have a nut bar instead !!!! This morning when I got up and weighed myself (a daily ritual to see how I am going) I was very pleased to see that I was down another 0.6 from yesterday morning. Not that I count that towards anything but I feel so much better when I can see the results on the scales.
The WW meeting last night was about not only judging how you are doing by what the scales say - as I didn't stay for the meeting (that's another long story that I won't go into right now !) I can't say too much about what was said - the drawback with WW saying that your success shouldn't only be measured by the scales is OK to a point BUT that is what you pay on - if you don't lose the kgs but you are losing cms - they don't give you any credit for that. They don't say that if you can fit into a size 10 / 12 / 14 / 16 outfit you are at goal and become a life time member - you have to pay until you get to their goal weight. So I do tend to get a little frustrated when those talks come around (and they do come around fairly regularly).
Well, my lunch hour is just about finished so had better be going.
My thought for today is :Use your past sucesses as a trampoline, not an easy chair.
Take care everyone, be good and have a great week !


Anonymous Annie said...

Hello Linda

I've been doing the Weight Watchers thing for a few months now. Results are slow, but they are there.

I'm interested to read your comments about WW and staying, or not in your case, for meetings.
I stayed for about the first 3 or 4 meetings, and haven't stayed for a meeting since. I found that speaking up at meetings about how hard I was finding it weren't really apreciated, and I got turned off by the WW Leader and now go for my weigh-in to a different group. Which by the way is run by a middle-aged lady, who is not the usual, skinny, scrawny, face of WW. An image I find off putting as most of the WW attendees are far from the early, under 20 age bracket.

We know it is a business for WW but I'm not fully convinced this harping on the scales is a good thing. Nor the constant sickly happy positiveness of it all.
I find it hard work, yes it is rewarding, and the results can be seen, and it is a good thing they talk about life style changes. But, for me, I'd like to see some recognition that it is hard work, and it does take effort, and that not everyone will end up at goal weight, but everyone needs to aim for being healthy, and happy.

All the best.

12:44 PM  

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