Monday, April 24, 2006

Loss of 0.6kg

This morning’s weigh in showed a loss of 0.6kg which I can’t really complain about although I was 1.2kg down last Friday – a wonderful weekend away put paid to that staying off !!! But, be that as it may, in order for us to be able to live the life we want, we have to find the right balance between making everyone’s life a total misery because we are ‘on diet’ and living a normal day to day life with may mean overeating one weekend and getting back on track once the weekend is over.

The B&B we stayed at was just fantastic – Hume’s Hovell (in Alstonville – just inland from Ballina) provided the ideal setting for a wonderful time. Despite the fact that it took us over 2 ½ hours to make a 1 hour trip, we arrived to complimentary nibblies and drinks with some chocolate covered macadamias thrown in. Dinner was at the local Italian restaurant and was most enjoyable – it is a long time since Al and I have had a meal with just the two of us – we talked and talked and it was great. Woke up to a chilly breeze blowing but a sumptuous spread of freshly squeezed orange juice, fruit platter, yoghurt, muesli, cornflakes or wheetbix, egg (for Al), bacon, croissants and tea or coffee. Home made bread was on offer but we just couldn’t fit it in !!!! Left and drove into Ballina looking for maps and finally got to Minyon Falls (see under Walking Tracks) at about 12.40pm. Did the walk and was finished by about 3.15 and drove off to Rocky Creek Dam where there was a shorter walk which we did, hoping to see the platypus they said was there. When we got to where it was supposed to be we wondered if they used it as a marketing ploy to get people there as the water was too dirty and there were too many water lilies around for it to be a platypus’s habitat. Anyway, we enjoyed the walk although my knee was starting to play up again and I was quite happy to head back to the unit via Lismore. We got back at about 6pm, had some more nibblies with the drinks we had taken for ourselves and then back into town for dinner at the local hotel. Al had one of the best steaks he has ever had there so that was good.

Sunday saw the dawning of another wonderful day with no breeze at all – breakfast was similar except we had apple juice and French toast with fresh Canadian maple syrup instead of the eggs and bacon and we tried the home made bread – thank goodness they only brought 1 slice each otherwise I am sure we would have eaten more !!!! They brought the Sunday papers too so we sat around reading those and eating a leisurely breakfast before packing up and stopping at the Bangalow markets on the way home. Went to pick up K and got home at about 4.30 – all in all a fantastic weekend. Two loads of washing and another two still do to saw me heading off to work this morning feeling like it is Friday seeing as there is the holiday tomorrow – how I am going to work a full week next week ?

But, I am back on track and am sure that those few kilos which have slowly crept on will be off if I continue to do what I did last week. Tomorrow we are planning a long cycle as well as catching up with friends so that should be good.

I have taken this from Paulene’s blog as when I read it earlier it just made so much sense to me.

The article was written by Mike Kramer, and reprinted here in part, courtesy of Have a read for yourself:

Do You Suffer from Diet Rage?
-Rules of the Road to Help You Reach Your Destination

Think about your dieting history. Does it give you the same feeling as an exasperating traffic jam? You never quite get where you want to go as fast as you want to get there. You get aggravated, yell (usually at yourself), and see people in other lanes going faster than you (how do they DO that?!), and it usually ends up ruining your day.
Here’s the lesson: Getting frustrated with your diet does no more good than getting frustrated in traffic. It just makes you unhappy, unsuccessful and tense.
Next time you start to feel frustrated with your weight loss progress, keep these "lessons of the road" in mind:
· Pay less attention to how much further you have to travel. Stop asking yourself "are we there yet?" You’ll get there when you get there. Instead, look at the scenery, think about life, carry on a conversation, sing along with the radio, or simply be thankful for how far you’ve come.
· The journey is always more fun with a passenger. Have you asked anyone along for the ride?
· You know the route you need to take to reach your weight loss goals. It’s already mapped out. As long as you stay pointed in the right direction, you’ll get there. Even in the worst traffic jams, you still get to your destination at some point. It’s the same way with dieting – just a matter of time. It may take longer than you first expected, but you will get there.
· There will always be periods of stopping and starting. It’s something that you should just anticipate and allow for. No use getting upset or stressed about not making progress. It’s a normal part of the journey.
· Sometimes, you’ve just gotta go with the flow of what’s going on around you. Life can present some situations that you really can’t do anything about. When that happens, staying straight and steady – doing the best that you can – will keep you on track and sane. In traffic, impatient people stop, change lanes, weave in and out of other cars, driving themselves and everyone else crazy – and in the end, usually don’t get any farther along than you do by staying put and going with the flow.
· Shortcuts never work.
· Driving too fast is dangerous. That’s why they call it "crash" dieting. Slow down, take what life gives you, and make sure you arrive at your destination in good health.

I hope that all you Australian’s and New Zealander’s have a good ANZAC day tomorrow. Take care and be good to yourselves.


Blogger Kt said...

wow, sounds like u had such a nice weekend away :) funnily enough i was drawn to the parts about the yummy breakfast :P
thats a great article, i really need to draw some advice from that!
hope u have a lovely day off tomorrow :)

2:55 PM  
Blogger kathrynoh said...

Wow, what a great weekend. Sounds like you really enjoyed it.

3:12 PM  
Blogger M said...

I am so glad you had a good weekend. What a wonderful way to recharge your batteries.

(Thought I had posted this comment already but now that I am back from changing my dress over and it is still on the screen - d'oh)

Have a great week - isn't it good that we are taking back control again. Talk to you soon xx

3:18 PM  
Blogger Carlton said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend.

4:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like you both had a great weekend, and loved the article on "Do You Suffer from Diet Rage?" how very true.

Hope you have a great Anzac Day!

8:08 AM  
Blogger Slim Suzy said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

Congrats on the loss and being back on track.

Great article!

8:02 AM  
Blogger Briony said...

I read that on Michelle's blog, I can really relate to it. I know i'm heading in the right direction just that i'm going awfully slowly. At least I know I won't get a speeding ticket!!! haha.

9:13 PM  

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