Saturday, January 14, 2006

Oh my goodness ..........

This definitely wasn’t the look I was going for when I walked into the hair dresser this morning !!! But, it will wash / grow out and in the meantime I will just enjoy having something very different to anything I have every had before !!!! Hope you don’t hurt yourselves laughing !!!

Moving right along from that - we had a great day today (apart from the hair that is !). Woke up this morning and went to buy the lawnmower. Got that and dropped it off at home before going with a water sample to the pool shop (needs ½ l of acid - am hoping now that I have a weekly reminder to get the water tested that we won’t land up with the pool in the state it was before we went away !!!) and our Saturday morning muffins. Had just sat down to those when the bed lady phoned to say that they were on their way to deliver the mattresses - a few words were exchanged over that but we finished our muffins and came home. I did the acid thing and opened all the doors for the bed man. After they left went to put the new mattresses on but then thought we should get new mattress protectors as ours were looking a little worse for wear. Headed off to the hairdresser (definitely won’t be wearing any orange clothes for a while !!) and then came home, picked up K and headed out to the shops again. Got the mattress protectors and 2 singlets on sale at Target, got some groceries and back home again only to find that I had 2 king single mattress protectors so had to go back again to change them. The new doona covers and sheets we bought last week from Pure Zone look really lovely. We went and bought some more pillow cases today but when we got home found that one of the buttons was broken so will have to take that back tomorrow and swop it for another one. I was standing in the doorway to our bedroom and the bed seems to much bigger than the old one - the mattresses are about 10cms higher - here’s to a good nights sleep - what a pity I am all alone to try it out !!!!!!

K made us some lovely ham/cheese/salad rolls for lunch today - she really is such a sweety when she wants to be. I managed to get an hours reading before asking K if she wanted to go to the movies so we headed off to see Rumour Has It - not something you have to dash out and see but a light entertaining movie none the less. Came home and were going out for a cycle when Al Skyped us to tell us that he had fallen off his bike while they were cycling down Yammy Mountain. He sent some photos of his cuts, grazes and bruises - they stopped and got some anti-inflammatories but I think he is going to be stiff and sore from the fall tomorrow. Managed to have a ½ hour cycle (it was dark and our lights don’t work) but I was happy that we did actually go out and do something. I was thinking while we were cycling - I should rather aim for 30 mins of exercise a day - do-able in my busy schedule - rather than saying I want to do an hour each day which sort of puts me off doing something because I don’t always have an hour to spare. Pilates was so much fun on Tuesday night - it was so good to catch up with everyone again - I couldn’t believe how tight I was after not going to a class for 4 weeks - I have done some at home with the tape I have, but it isn’t quite the same - I probably don’t push myself quite as much as the instructor does. When we were walking the other night - we walked past a “Step Into Life” class which they have in the sports park just along the road from where we live. I phoned to get prices and I think I might try their toning class and see what it is like. I really am more committed and focused if I have to go to a class of sorts rather than saying that I am going to do it by myself at home. I was in the routine of using the gym at home but then got out of the routine when we went on holiday and just haven’t got back into it - I think it is too boring and so I can’t be bothered with it.

On that note I am off to try out my new bed - will let you know what it is like in my next post. Tomorrow we are planning on going for a cycle in the morning and then K is going to do some more baking - she has been bitten by the baking bug (if only the ‘clean up when she is finished’ bug would bite as well !!!!) - thank goodness my folks are here to send the baking to as it is too hard to resist when it is in the house !!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow night my new blog should be in place - I am off to a friend for him to help me get it sorted out - maybe I should find out about a web designing course and then I can do it all myself !!!

Take care everyone and have a great Sunday !!!

TFTD : The more you do what you fear to do, the less you are afraid

TIAGF : The thought of a good nights sleep on my new mattress


Blogger CaramelKitKat said...

I like it - esp as it matches your top ;o)

All this talk of cycling and structured exercise is making me feel v slack. Good on you, it's a very healthy thing to do with your family.

3:02 AM  
Blogger Mary said...

Hey, I like the new colour! The bed sounds great and looking forward to the new look blog, exciting. You sound like you are in a really great mental space also, excellent :-)

8:26 AM  
Blogger Emily said...

I think your hair looks really cool!! You're looking really good, and I love the pink top on you too :-)

Your new bed sounds lovely, it sounds like a hotel bed, hee hee. Always much nicer and cosier than your own bed, lol.

9:40 AM  
Blogger Paulene's Journal Journey said...

I LOVE the funky new do!!

And I also loved the bit in the last post about doing things just for you.
The examples you gave were so simple yet can make the difference to how you feel.

I love that your journal entries are always so self reflective, and thoughtful. You definately address the think component to the think, eat, move theory WW have for weight loss ... Bravo!

Cheers P

7:42 PM  
Blogger M said...

WOW a new bed. Whooo Hoooo. Now you can work out exactly what side you prefer before Al comes in to claim it as his own LOL.

Your hair looks great. And you are right. If you don't like it, it doesn't take long to grow out but I think the colour will grow on you and you will LOVE it and never want to change it.

Not sure when you changed the blog layout but I really like it. Fresh. :D

7:43 AM  
Blogger Briony said...

OK, you win - your hair is definitely pinker than mine. I tried to take a photo but I couldn't get a good one, will try again tonight!

9:33 AM  

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