Saturday, December 03, 2005

No news is good news

Sorry I haven’t been able to update before now - I just haven’t had a chance. The ultrasound went fine - all organs in good condition. The radiographer said maybe gall stones - told her I didn’t have a gall bladder anymore so don’t think it is that. She said maybe I was still making gall stones but I don’t think that is possible without a gall bladder - does anyone know if this is possible ???
K went off to the physio who has shown her how to tape her knee and given her exercises to strengthen her thigh muscles so will see how she goes. I haven’t heard back from the dr with the results of any of the tests or scans so am going with the theory that no news is good news and trying not to worry about what caused the pain and collapse in the first place.
On the food front I am quite happy with how I am going - while not tracking in any shape, manner or form, I am still sitting at between 63-64kgs and my clothes are still fitting me fine - in fact some of my pants are now a little too big again - maybe I should just throw all the jeans into the wash and shrink them a little before we go !!! I am working very hard on the “Oprah Theory” of making friends with my clothes and not my scales.
I landed up working until about 6.30 last night - there is still so much to do before I leave but I did remind myself that I can only do what I can do.
This morning we got up and took my Mom with to the local mall as my Dad had gone to help my brother with something. Then we dropped her at home with Dad and came home and I got stuck into the garden. Well 3 ½ hours later I had abused every person I know who works for Motorola, anyone who is remotely connected to Motorola and anyone else I could think of !!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I was talking to Al earlier I asked him if his ears had been burning during the afternoon but he said that they hadn’t - I obviously hadn’t muttered loud enough when I was complaining in the garden !!!!!! I landed up having a good cry on the phone to him this evening and then said I was sorry to have moaned so much - he said it was OK because then it felt like he was with us and knew what was going on !!!!! Our garden used to be a low maintenance garden but it is no longer that and I am completely fed up with having to do it all. The grass needs to be cut but we sold our lawn mower just before Al left and didn’t have a chance to buy another one - the edges need to be trimmed - the pool has got heaps of black algae in it that I was trying to brush off but couldn’t - then I found out tonight that there is another steel bristled brush that I should have been using. So, while it was a very productive day - it certainly wasn’t a pleasant day. Plus my back got burnt even though I had put sun block on.
Anyway, the plan for tomorrow is to try to start getting things ready for our holiday - all the cords etc that I need for cameras and phones and the batteries etc etc. Make sure all the washing is done so that if we want to take something it isn’t in the wash basket waiting to be washed !!!!
I had a couple of nights of exercise this week - not as many as I would have liked but given the circumstances, I have tried to make allowances and not beat myself up over it. I am sure that the walking I will be doing in Taiwan and Hong Kong will more than make up for it.
Our weekend in Taroko Gorge has been confirmed and paid for - we leave on Friday lunch time and get back to Taipei on Sunday afternoon. Our flights to and accommodation in HK have been booked and confirmed so that is all done - all that I need to do is get the packing underway.
I hope that you are all having a great weekend - only 22 days until Christmas !!! Take care everyone and look after yourself.


Blogger Slim Suzy said...

Glad your results were OK and hope K's knee improves soon.
You sound so busy getting ready for your trip, but it will be all worth it.
Take care and have fun.

1:53 AM  
Blogger michelle said...

Linda all I can say is lotosof love and best wishes. I hope you can relax a little. I know that once you with Al everything will seem so much better. Think how exciting it will be visiting those places...Tkae care over the next few days. I know how you feel about the garden and the pool. You have done your best now just let those things be. Who needs to look at them at the moment anyway? Have fun today packing and getting organised.

4:55 AM  
Blogger M said...

Without the gall bladder, you can't get gall stones. Mum just had hers out so we have talked about this recently. The stones only form when fatty deposits enter the gall bladder and the bile doesn't break it down properly. They then solidify and can grow if more fatty deposits settle on it. But without the gall bladder you do have to be careful eating food that is too fatty as there is no bile to break it down - and it goes straight into your stomach. This can cause upsets if you eat too much fat.

Enough about gall bladders :D

Hope you have a wonderful day and have a great, lovely, fantastic holiday. Will be thinking about you and looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back.

*mwah* M xx

9:43 AM  
Blogger Kt said...

hope everything is ok Linda!!!
have a wonderful time away, i expect lots of pics on your return!

4:34 PM  

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