Friday, December 02, 2005

What a day !

Yesterday was a day that was certainly sent to try me. I had to take K to the orthopaedic surgeon about her knee so my folks were going to drop her with me and then maybe come with us for the ride. About 45 minutes before they were due to arrive, I had this dreadful pain in my stomach, felt nauseas and then collapsed at work !!! They called an ambulance but when I came around I told them that my folks were on their way and would take me to the dr. We went off to the ortho first - he said it sounds like there was some inflammation in the knee and referred K for an MRI scan - in Brisbane !! They phoned us in the afternoon to say that we had an 8am appointment for K today so had an early start to make sure we were there in time.
After we were finished with K’s knee I went to the dr who did an ECG and sent me off for blood tests. I haven’t heard anything back from him so presume that it is all OK. After phoning around all the radiology places on the coast - most could only fit me in around Wednesday next week - bugger, if only I had known a week ago I was going to be sick I could have made the appointment in advance - I managed to get an appointment at Nerang at 11.30 so I am just about on my way there now. I did get up at 5am to have some toast for breakfast but I am starving now. I didn’t have a very good sleep - we had so much rain and it was so noisy. I have to go in to work this afternoon - just hope I can stay awake !!! At least I don’t have to work tonight so that is good - mind you I didn’t work last night either and was in bed at about 10.30 - it felt very strange. But then I didn’t sleep much and had to get up early as well. It brought back memories of before we started night filling when I would lie awake for hours each night just trying to get to sleep - I sure don’t miss those nights !
Take care everyone and have a great weekend - I won’t wish you all now as I am sure that I will be back on line at least once more before we leave !


Blogger M said...

Oh Linda! OMG what a thing to have happen. Are you OK? I hope the scans show nothing is wrong - which I am sure there won't be.

You take it easy you hear. You have been under such a lot of pressure lately with A, K, your work, the trip, the weight etc, and it looks like you need a good rest.

You look after yourself today. I am thinking of you (and worried) and hope all goes well today. *hugs* M xx

10:41 AM  
Blogger michelle said...

I think you are on such an overload worrying about K and having to do everything for the trip. Good luck with the tests. I will be sending you lots of good wishes that all will go well.

12:19 PM  
Blogger Paulene's Journal Journey said...

Was so pleased to see a new entry from you...but bummed by how much health problems you girls are having.
It was alarming to read of you passing out! I hope you are both better soon
Enjoy your trip!

Cheers P

3:01 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

Omg, hope you are ok!! Let us know before you go, definitely. Take care of yourself eh?!

9:07 AM  
Blogger Emily said...

You will definately have to update before you leave - terribly unfair to leave us hanging while we wait to make sure that you are all ok!

Hope everything goes well with K's knee too - take care you two :-)

2:53 PM  
Blogger Kellee said...

Right, to bed with you, young lady! You need to have a REST and just look after yourself. Yes, you will certainly have to let us know what happens. Until then I'm sending you lots of cyberhugs. And to K too - hope she's feeling better.

8:02 PM  

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