Monday, August 01, 2005


Well after a relaxing weekend (some of the time) it is back to the grindstone this morning. I really battled to get Kaitlin up (my fault for keeping her up late last night as I was at my friends house getting her son’s help in changing my webpage) so I couldn’t really moan at her too much. Plus she has been getting broken sleep with a silly cough that has started. We were out getting some groceries yesterday and she said that she was going to have a sleep when we got home – well, I nearly fell in the trolley I got such a shock. Normally when we suggest a sleep to her we have the biggest moans and groans about how she isn’t a child anymore blah blah blah – here she is saying she wants to have a sleep !!!! I will never cease to be amazed by my daughter !!!!!
I have a lovely morning of pampering on Saturday – have even made that my reward for getting to goal it was so good !!! Then on Saturday night my friend and her brother and sister arrived for dinner and she had my birthday present – a voucher for a massage – YYYAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY – another session of pampering for me !!!

Update on Kaitlin – just had a call from school and have been out to collect her and drop her at home – running a temp with blocked nose and cough getting worse. Wonder if she is a little run down as she never used to pick up all these bugs going around ?
She did really well at the athletics on Friday with all firsts (and a new record in the U13 girls javelin) and came third in the age champion competition. The girls who won do athletics outside of school and in the running races where in a higher division than she was. The good think was my folks said that for all that she came third, she was the most excited of the three – jumping up and down and whooping away much better.

On the food front I have been really good. Yesterday and today I have certainly felt thinner – I know that doesn’t count at the scales but I found myself walking taller and even glancing into windows as I go past to check that is really is me without the big butt sticking out behind me !!!! Having said that, I think that my saving grace has been that there have been no naughties in the cupboard to tempt me because there were times this weekend that if I had half a chance to get my hands on some cookies or chocolates – I would have scoffed whatever I could find (and I was too lazy to actually go out and buy some- yay for laziness this time !!!!) Also back into my water today – not as much as I should but more than I had on the weekend – what it is with weekends and water ? Is it just because it isn’t right next to me on my desk ? Can’t be that because I walk through the kitchen 500 times a day – surely I would be able to get a glass of water from the purifier 5 times out of that ??? Don’t know – seems to be a state of mind more than anything else.
Take care everyone and have a great week ! I will be updating my stats section tonight after weigh-in – have mixed feelings about how it is going to go – feel like I deserve a loss but don’t want to think about it too much in case it isn’t (for whatever reason the scale gods might find !!)

TFTD : The greater the obstacle, the greater the glory in overcoming it.

TIAGF : The beautiful weather we are having


Blogger Leighanne said...

The new blog looks great!
Hope K is feeling better:)

1:41 PM  
Blogger Jodie said...

Love the new look blog. Good luck with your weigh in. XX

2:26 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

Good luck with your weigh in and I hope Kaitlin is feeling better soon, the poor wee thing. And I'm so glad you enjoyed your pampering - sounds like you deserved it!! :-) And that sounds scary with Al maybe going to China - I guess you'll have to wait and see what happens before you start worrying too much.

6:24 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

WOW, I think a big well done to Al for his good work. It sounds like he is doing really well. I can only imagine that you would be in two minds about this though. Lots of changes in your lives! China would sure be an interesting place to at least visit.

Good to also hear that there are no naughties in the cupboard coz it makes it too easy to snack then. Well done on walking tall hon!

Just a thought about water. I still don't like it that much but to help me drink more, I've been adding a dash of ribena. It seems to be doing the trick. I also have a gorgeous 500ml fancy glass I bought a while back and it sits on my desk asking to be refilled often. Try and trick yourself too somehow.

I hope K get's better soon.

6:52 PM  
Blogger M said...

I love water but I too have a problem with drinking it on the weekends. At work it is OK because I have the bottle on my desk in front of me and I think I drink it as an excuse to stop typing LOL.

Al must be very good at what he does and it is always nice to get that recognition but he may surprise you and tell you that he does not want to go to China, or, like they do on the mining projects DH used to work on, he will get 3 weeks on 2 weeks off with flights home chucked in. That would not be too bad and then Kaitlin would be able to stay in school. Hope she feels better soon.

**hugs all round**

9:22 PM  
Blogger michelle said...

Hope K is feeling better soon. Be careful as there is a asty virus going around. My DD is still not really over it 3 weeks later. Exciting for Al about China but hard on you. As the others said hopefully he gets regular trips home and you will be able to viist. I keep forgetting to drink my water ... habit that just need changing but doesn't come easily.

9:07 AM  
Blogger Paulene's Journal Journey said...

Oh babe :(
How horrible that your seperation from Al could be longer than you'd hoped.
It's great that you see it from his side too though and how stoked he must be to be appreciated and rewarded for his work.
How many sleeps until he gets home on Thursday????

Cheers P

1:28 PM  

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