Friday, September 16, 2005

Feeling rather blah today

Don’t really know why, but I seem to be missing Al more today than usual. That is probably the main contributor to me feeling a little down because seeing as it is Friday I really should be quite happy – another week down and only 2 more sleeps and then we have reached the half way point of Al being away – YAY !!!!! Plus I have had a headache lurking around for most of the day – can’t seem to get rid of it – maybe an early night and a good night’s sleep will help. We have had very broken sleep for the past three nights as Kaitlin has this dreadful cough that keeps us both awake on and off during the night.
Yesterday I had a lovely picnic lunch with Kaitlin and my folks at the park over the road from where I work – we had ham, cheese, tomato and lettuce sandwiches with a hot muffin they had just baked to end the meal – it was great. The weather was just beautiful and we sat on a blanket, ate our lunch and had an enjoyable time. When I went shopping last night I pointed the muffins – had guessed about 4 points and was spot on (that doesn’t happen very often !!!). Used rather a lot of points for lunch as Mom had buttered the bread and was a little heavier of hand than I am with the butter – I normally have ham only but had a little bit of cheese as well. Anyway, it was good to do something different and to see them during the day.
Last night K and I went late night shopping and I got a couple of casual shirts for the weekend – was annoyed when I got home as the I had taken one shirt off the rack according to the size on the hanger only to find that the shirt on the hanger was a different size so will have to go and swop it tomorrow. Got a nice ¾ sleeve T-shirt in a size 10 and it wasn’t even very fitting – must be something wrong with their sizes as I know I am not a 10 on top.
Went to get Kaitlin some singlets today and waited so long in the queue I landed up buying a Curly Wurly but I will include it in my points for the day and sugar points for the week even though I am sure nobody I knew saw me eating and therefore I don’t really have to count them !!!!!!
Tonight I invited my folks over for fajitas – we haven’t had them for ages because they are rather high in points if you want to have them with avo and sour cream and cheese but have been really feeling like them and I know how much they enjoy them. Plus there isn’t much point in making them just for K and I so they are coming for those. Yesterday at Coles found some lovely strawberries so bought a couple of punnets and we will have those for dessert. Haven’t had much to eat today – not because I forgot to eat but because I have been so busy I haven’t had a chance. I would love to be one of those people who don’t eat because ‘they forgot’ – how cool would that be and how easy would it be to save points each day !!!!! There are a lot of things which I could forget to do but eating just isn’t one of them !!!!!
Not much else happening but have to mention that I have been really good about my water this week – most days I have had between 1-2L of water – well done Me !!!! I have a couple of things planned for the weekend – lunch with a friend tomorrow, working tomorrow night, a trip to Domanye to try to get the issue of our digital camera sorted out and of course 180sqm of pavers to be weeded !!! Now that is something to look forward to – NOT !!!!!
Sunday is Al’s birthday – someone has arranged a dinner for him tomorrow night so I was pleased to hear that as I think it would be dreadful to be away for your birthday. We did send over presents with him and cards so at least he won’t wake up to nothing on Sunday. I thought we would go out for dinner on Sunday but think we may leave it until Monday night after weigh-in and before work at 10pm.
On that note – take care, be good and have a great weekend.

TFTD : Laugh and learn, because we all make mistakes.

TIAGF : Today being Friday


Blogger Leighanne said...

Hope you are feeling a little better now! Sounds like you had a lovely lunch with your family...and happy birthday to Al for Sunday!!

4:42 PM  
Blogger Slim Suzy said...

Sorry you are feeling down today. Sounds like you have a busy weekend planned though, so have fun!

5:40 PM  
Blogger jak said...

I hate blah days, but most of us have them every now and then. Sounds like a really fabulous picnic lunch you had yesterday - and fajitas, yum! *licking lips* they're my fave but I try not to have them too often, as you said the best way is with avo and sour cream and cheese and obviously that's very point heavy! Tried WW sour cream for the first time the other day (normally get light which isn't as low-fat as WW) and it was really nice! Bonus! The Paul's extra light is not that nice so I was pleased WW was.

Sorry for the ramble! Hope you have a great weekend! :)

6:28 PM  
Blogger M said...

You are being really strong with Al away and it is only natural with his birthday on Sunday that you would be feeling a little down. He knows you will be thinking of him.

Try and have a good weekend anyway :)

10:02 PM  
Blogger Kt said...

Hope u are feeling a bit more upbeat now! lunch with your parents sounded lovely!
I think u r looking so slim - thanks for posting some pics in your new clothes & some old pics so we could see how far you have come!!

6:04 AM  
Blogger Briony said...

Hey hey, sounds like even shopping didn't cheer you up. It must be hard with Al away for so long, I hope the rest of his time away passes quickly for you. You're very strong not to give in to too many food demons while he's away, but i'm sure he would be soooo proud of you getting to goal. I bet he can't wait to get back and see you! Enjoy your fajitas, yummo. Be good, keep your chin up and have a great weekend.
(Happy Birthday Al for Sunday).

11:17 AM  
Blogger Mary said...

Aww, sorry to hear you're feeling rather blah :-( I can only imagine how it must be without Al *hugs* but the picnic sounds like fun! You are always doing something. And clothing sizes, they are so annoyingly inconsistent! I've learnt to just try everything on no matter what the label says. Who the hell forgets to eat LOL :-) That would certainly make things easier.

I hope you are feeling better and K too with that nasty cough. Have a great night!

Maintenance is going to be easy! Whoot!

5:19 PM  
Blogger michelle said...

You certainly are having fun shopping forskinny clothes. Pity about the mixup. Hope you are feeling happier today. Sounds like you are keeping busy and the time will go soon and you will see Al. I do agree that if no-one saw you eating that curly wurly it shouldn'tcount.You do know also that if you eat choc standing up it goes straight to your feet not to your hips?

6:11 PM  
Blogger Paulene's Journal Journey said...

Happy Happy Birthday for Al today!!!! :)
Hope you have kicked that headache and are feeling a little better today.
It must be sad being away from your man on his birthday but I bet his thoughts will be with you and K all day.
I'm pleased you are having meals with your folks etc so you don't get too lonely while he is away.
Well done on the good water intake this week and just in general as I know if I was seperated from my Simon I'd eat myself into oblivion *wink*
Hugs to you!

Cheers P

11:25 AM  

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