Monday, August 08, 2005

Update and an apology

I would like to apologise to anyone whom I have hurt or offended with parts of my journal - the intention of this journal was not to do that at all. The intention of this journal was to inspire and motivate, as others have inspired and motivated myself. It has now become a tool which I am using to get to goal but more importantly, a means by which I can stay at goal when I get there. I have edited the entries which caused the hurt but if there is anything else which has hurt or offended - please let me know so that I can edit those entries as well - I really did not mean for this to happen. I am truly sorry for any hurt which has been caused - the reason for the comments in my entries was to reinforce feelings that other people have encountered and to show that we all experience the same sort of incidents. I have phoned and apologised to the person concerned and would like to think that this will not cause any friction in the future. I will take more care when posting entries in my journal. Once again - I am sorry for any hurt caused.
On a brighter note - I lost 0.4 tonight - WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO - a lovely surprise and not really what I had expected as I have been over my sugar points this week dreadfully !!! But, it is a loss and I will take it and say thank you to the scale gods !!! Only 3.3kgs to go now - roll on (or should that be roll off ???) the last few kilos - actually - only really 2.3kgs to go until I don’t have to pay each week - even better !!!!!
Take care everyone and have a great week !


Anonymous Chubbymum said...

Not too sure what was in the entries... but isn't this journal supposed to be for you and what your day was like and how you are feeling? What could be so bad?

7:22 PM  
Blogger LeisaB NewMe said...

Hey Linda

Well done on the loss, it must be a great feeling to be so close to goal - Also,you are very kind to be so apologetic (don't know what for though but that doesn't matter). We still love ya.

Have another good week.

7:43 PM  
Blogger Kt said...

I agree with CM - it is your journal & I have never seen anything i think would offend anyone. however its very sweet of u to put the apology in!
well done on the loss! whoohoo!

8:54 PM  
Blogger M said...

Well done on the loss this week and LOL at the rest of it rolling off you. And so it should too.

It is a very brave thing for anyone to start a journal, to go into areas of themselves that they may not have even known needed addressing, as part of this weight loss journey we are on. Even braver to do it in a public forum. I know that it is my choice to read what you say and my choice to respond, or not. Each of us have different understandings and appreciation of what is offensive. But I have never seen you curse, vilify any one, or generally mouth off in an offensive manner. I think you are gentle, a lady, and have real spunk.

Well done again on your loss, A. may have trouble recognising you when he comes home. Have a great night :)

9:01 PM  
Blogger Slim Suzy said...

Linda I always think you are such a sweetie. Can't see how you could offend anyone.
Well done on the loss. You are powering towards goal!

7:53 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Hi Linda, I'm with the others! You're so sweet, and all of us here reading your blog should understand that:
a) your blog is your own (it's your own personal journey and we the readers should accept that);
b) you're a good person who does not set out to hurt anyone.
Not long to go now until you reach goal, like me! If only those last kilos were easy to lose - groan!

8:43 AM  
Blogger Jodie said...

Well done on you loss. You will get to goal in no time I'm sure. As for these entries, I have never read anything but supportive and motivating comments in your blog or in the comments you've left on anyone elses blog. I agree with M on this one. We all have a different interpretation of how we view entries. I have had a couple of comments left on my blog which I think I may have reacted badly to, but in the long run I suppose that's because they could have held a bit of truth to them and as they say the truth hurts!!! You continue to write what you want and if anyone is offended by this then obviously they have underlying issues which need to be addressed. If you can't be honest in your blog then where can you be honest. Take care XX

8:54 AM  
Anonymous Anne said...

Hi Linda - I find your journal to be honest and also very well written expressing your feelings truthfully. I can't see why anyone would find it offensive. I also love the way you take time out to read other blogs and getting lovely supportive messages from you on mine! Don't worry, just go on being you and writing as you feel! Great going on the weight loss journey as well!:)

9:41 AM  
Blogger kathrynoh said...

Like everyone else, I can't imagine you posting anything that would offend people. Congratulations on being so close to goal!

9:44 AM  
Blogger Jules said...

I am with everyone else and would like to reiterate that this is YOUR journal and you have the right to say whatever you like on it.

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good post... thanks.

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9:56 AM  
Blogger Kate said...

Lol, I'm SO confused!! I can't even imagine you writing anything to upset someone - I had to check and see if I was at the right place when I read that. :-)

Well done on a great loss!! Woohoo!!

10:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:26 AM  
Blogger Paulene's Journal Journey said...

3.3kg to!!!
Don't know what you said to offend as I didn't pick up on it???

Cheers P

5:35 PM  
Blogger michelle said...

Oh Linda, you poor thing. I also had to re check whose journal I was reading. Anyone who reads your comments should know you would never mean to offend anyone. It is your journal and like many of us you are trying to help yourself and help others. Lets face it your own opinion on things probably changes from day to day or mood to mood. You are a lovely,gentle lady and I love reading your journal. Even if it happened that I didn't agree with you on some what?? I would be able to ignore it or give you my opinion without us thinking we would offend each other. You are so close to goal, stay focused and hang in there. *hugs*

7:29 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

Huh? What you talking about hon?? Your posts are always a great insight and make me think about my own situation. I can choose whether or not to read them and realise that the way I react to anything is only a reflection of my own situation.

I am glad you worked it out though but please do not feel you have to be too careful or edit your posts in fear of upsetting someone. I love your honesty and openess and that is what I find inspiring to read.

Well done on the loss chook! :-) Love your work.

9:59 PM  

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